Hugo Junkers Award for Innovation and Research

DEC. 06, 2017

Hugo Junkers Preis 2017 / 2nd place for SURAG – Surgical Audio Guide – Towards the verified therapeutic goal via "listening" at the medical device. Chair of Intelligent Catheters and Image Guided Therapies at the Otto von Guericke University with new technology approach for minimal invasive therapy guidance.

We are very happy to announce that the university research team of Prof. Michael Friebe with Dr. Alfredo Illanes, Dr. Axel Boese, MSc. Ali Pashazadeh, MSc. Ivan Maldonado won the Hugo Junkers research price for their new idea of a multi-sensoric audio evaluation system that can be attached to biopsy needles, endoscopes, guide wires, catheters and other surgical devices for enhanced and more accurate tool guidance.

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